* Level 3 qualified personal trainer

* UKBFF Advanced nutrition

* UKBFF Advanced resistance training

* WABBA UKĀ  Qualified bodybuilding judge

Specialist areas

* Powerlifting and bodybuilding training

* Strength and conditioning

* Nutritional advice and body fat loss

* Increasing fitness and gaining lean muscle mass

Experience and philosophy

I have been in the fitness industry more than 14 years and trained myself seriously for 12 years.

I am very passionate about training and nutrition. I really enjoy helping others reach their goals and giving them the knowledge to take away and carry on making the lifestyle changes they wish to make at home and in the gym. I take pleasure in showing my clients they can achieve anything with hard work and dedication.

I have competed in several bodybuilding competitions over the years and I have trained a prepped both men and women for contests including; bodybuilding, body fitness class and bikini for women.

Whether you are looking to gain lean tissue, drop body fat, look good for a holiday, prepare for a contest or work on certain lifts or movements to improve technique and gain strength. I can help you achieve your goals.

Build muscle. Lose fat. Get strong.