My name is Mark
I am a lifelong student of health nutrition and building muscle.  I am committed to helping others and sharing my knowledge to enlighten others and make their lives better.

My passion for fitness and the gym started at an early age, as I wasn’t happy with my appearance and wanted to make changes.  Once I started training in the gym, working on my knowledge and my physique, my self-esteem and confidence grew immensely. This is where I realised I wanted to help others.

I had some major influences growing up that helped me find my passion for the gym and body building.  Arnold Schwarzenegger for his mind set, work ethic and drive.  Bob Paris for his amazing physique as a body builder.  Lee Priest for his work ethic in the gym, his strong morals and beliefs and sticking by them in the sport.

I have tried lots of different training methods and gained knowledge in many areas.

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I look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your goals.

best wishes

Mark Britt Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer providing training options, diet and nutrition advice.

Packages and options available to suit all.

West Sussex area including Worthing, Shoreham by Sea and Lancing.

Ready to get serious about your health and physique goals?